Bethany Place

A safe haven for women and children to heal from the wounds that almost destroyed their lives.

                                                 Sandra Reed
                                                  Founder and Director                                                                  of Bethany Place

Bethany Place was founded in 1988 in Woodstock, Ga. by Sandra Reed and her husband, Michael. They were so moved by the needs of the less fortunate, they began to collect food, clothing, furniture and household goods in an attempt to meet the needs of the many. They soon began to see many trends between poverty and abuse. This became very prevalent in women and children. Michael and Sandra came to realize that although meeting some of the physical needs were important, in most, it was nothing more than a
"band-aid" effect. In 1990, they desired to create a home with a positive family environment in an attempt to nurture not only the physical needs of the women and children, but also to provide them with an opportunity to break their past and create a better future. Michael Reed passed away in 2016, Sandy says that she is not "moving on" but "carrying on" with the vision that she and her husband had since day one.

Future Vision

A new vision has now become our dream. Each week many women are turned away because there are no available rooms. Here at Bethany Place we want to be able to meet needs; therefore, we are trusting the Lord to provide more rooms to house additional women and children. God is leading women within the ministry and raising them to assist in the daily operations of running a larger facility. Bethany Place constantly struggles to keep its doors open. There are many daily operating expenses associated with the 14,000 square foot building. The ministry depends on individuals, churches, and businesses for financial support.

"Where there is no vision

{ no redemptive revelation of God},
the people perish, but he who keeps the
law { of God, which includes
that of man}, blessed
{happy, fortunate and enviable }
is he. Proverbs 29:18 AMP

A Vision Worth Seeing
Bethany Boutique

Our vision is to train women to depend on their own abilities rather than the welfare system or an abusive relationship to support themseleves and their children. We strive to see women changed from the inside out.
Bethany Boutique Christian Bookstore, is an on site store run by the residents of Bethany Place. 100% of proceeds return to the Ministry to help support the
women & children at Bethany Place.

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