Bethany Place

A safe haven for women and children to heal from the wounds that almost destroyed their lives.

Stories of Love

Former Resident of Bethany Place

I came with no hope to keep my baby. You showed me the light and gave me the will to fight. My broken bones are now healing. You have sheltered me from the storm and kept me and my baby safe and warm. Now you  are bringing me back into the light. Where the devil had me in his grip so tight. I am now set free to be the person Jesus wants me to be. You gave me hope to fight out of the dark into the light. I will love you forever and you will always be a part of my life. Thank you for giving me the will to fight.

Nivia Reed
Director & House Mother 
From the Ladies of Bethany Place

I came to Bethany Place 8 months pregnant at the age of 17.  Mike & Sandy took me in when everyone else shut me out. They saw potential in me when everyone else saw failure. They loved me when I was unlovable. They did exactly What Jesus Would Do. My daughter is now a beautiful well balanced 20 year old, whom I have been with every day of her precious life. The Reed's adopted me when I was 21 and now we are part of a real family, a God chosen one.  And have myself adopted a little girl who is now 9 years old that I have had since she was 17 months old. I am the Director and the House Mother here at Bethany Place.  I am able, at 37, to share my life of overcoming with many women and help teach them how to raise their children. Had it not been for Mike & Sandy whom I joyfully call Dad & Mom, my life in Christ would not be what it is.

Love Lifted Me!

In Christ I am,
Nivia Reed
Princess of the King of Kings, 
Daughter of Mike & Sandy Reed,                                               
Proud mama of Shayla Danielle & Emily Grace

  • "I am Blessed to be a Blessing. I have not only learned the truth about Jesus, I have learned to trust Him."
  • "Mike & Sandy have taught me what true love is. They have given me structure in my life. Bethany Place is truely a blessing to me and this community."
  • "I use to feel like I was worth nothing and everything I did was not good enough, Since I've been here I've become confident in myself. I have learned so much from the Word of God and my understanding is better."
  • "Bethany Place is a life changing experience. Michael & Sandy are very caring people and want nothing in return but for us ladies to be whole again. I am blessed to be taught how to apply the Word of God, so I can be an example to other."
  • "My life has been changed by Bethany Place by bringing my son and I off the streets, giving us a chance to bond and teaching me to be a Godly mother.

Sandy is truly an inspiration to those in ministry for her passion and dedication to the ladies at Bethany Place. This home is flooded with the presence of the Lord where He does the intensive work of healing and restoration on a daily basis. It is incredible to see each lady in their different avenue of their walk meshing together in beautiful harmony. I will never forget the laughter, tears and humble hearts of these ladies. May God continue to dwell in the halls and rooms of Bethany Place to repair and restore broken hearts!

With a humble heart,
Mandy Baker
All Grace Abound Ministries

I am grateful for all that Mike and my daughter do. It has changed my life, given me security and peace of mind. I am relaxed and so proud of them. 
                                                                        With lots of love,

Cherokee Tribune Article Nov. 2018
Always in our hearts
"Is this not the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free. And that ye break every yoke." Isaiah 58:6